CEMETERY NAME: County Home Cemetery
LOCATION: Catawba County, NC on County Home Road

This cemetery is for residents of the old County Home of Catawba County, commonly known as the Poor House. Started about 1850, the County Home was operated by the county until about 1945.  There were 12 buildings, each having 2 people reside  there. Remnants of two of the buildings are still standing. One of them is being used for a barn. This property is now privately owned; it is not kept up due to the private ownership, and the property being used in a farming operation. Access is strictly by permission only!

Source: Catawba County Cemeteries, Volume I,  published by Catawba Genealogy Society 
Cemetery was walked by Ms. Cas Deal.  1986.   
Submitted by Charles Lail  CRLail41@aol.com


Albert Deal                                                      Eaton Lawerence
Died 27 October 1929                                     Died 18 January 1925

Burton Stafford                                                 James Mauney
Died April 5 1928                                            17 April 1856
                                                                        22 April 1921
Lan C. Den Lail                                                Aged 64y 10m 5d
Died 22 January 1926

Age 74y                                                           

                                                                        Mary Brockman
Hannah J. Beam                                               Died April 15 1924
28 January 1840
21 April 1902                                                       

Donated by C. W. Beam                                  Robert Taylor
Died May 6 1925

Harriet Sigmon
Died 12 December 1927                                   Elias Bolden                                                                                                                         Died 3 January 1926

Logan Sigmon
Died 7 February 1929                                      Mahaly Hawn                                                                                                                        Died 3 October 1925

Nancy Blalock
Died September 11 1924                                 M. Mathis                                                                                                                                                Died 11 October 1927

Martha Lingle
Died 25 February 1929                        
          Charlotte Bowman                                                                                                                       Died 10 November 1927


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