History & Abstracts of Inmate Registration Certificates
From the Washington County (NY) Poorhouse 1875-1900

by Linda M. Crannell
Publishing from the Poorhouse

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the Poorhouse Story

At the start of another millennium, it seemed appropriate to update the publication of the Washington County Poor House records. We began in the Washington County Archives in Ft. Edward where there is a rather massive bound book, about the size of an alter Bible. It is part of the Washington County Poor House records, but it represents a vast departure from earlier records.

Prior to 1875,  the admissions of "Paupers" to the poor house were recorded in various blank ledger books. There was nothing standardized about the entries into those earlier books. It is difficult to even determine their chronological order, and the demographic information they contain about inmates is very sparse and inconsistent. The records in those earlier books have previously been abstracted by Laura Penny Hulslander and published in 1997 in a book titled "Washington County, New York Poor House ccounts" by The Sleeper Co.

That earlier publication contained only the records of inmates who were admitted no later than 1870.  In this new book we have abstracted entries from that later large volume of pre-printed certificate forms. The certificates started with those for people who were currently residing in the Washington County Poor House in October of 1875. We included those certificates as well as the ones for all those who were subsequently admitted through 1900. The book includes the following:

  • HISTORICAL ESSAY which includes background information about the earlier years in that poorhouse as well as the context in which such certificates came to be used.

  • 1600+ ABSTRACTS of individual Certificates (For a detailed explanation of those items of information which have been abstracted from each certificate just click on this link.)

  • SERIAL/CHRONOLOGICAL PRESENTATION (in order according to certificate number)
    allows historical perspective and hints at the socio/economic trends prevalent at the time a given certificate was used.

  • ALPHABETICAL NAME INDEX (Cross referencing to Certificate Number)

  • APPENDICES (Laws, Documents, etc.)

the Poorhouse Story

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