"Strangers at Our Gate"

"On Tuesday, November 19, 2002,  in Birkeland Alumni Lounge, at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN,  Dr. Joan Kopperud and Dr. Harvey Stalwick presented the Centennial Scholars Lecture, 'Strangers at Our Gate: A Social History of Hospitality at a County Poor Farm.'  This lecture presented an in-depth look at the Lac qui Parle County poor farm from 1930-1951. To gain a better understanding of the Lac qui Parle County poor farm, they implemented social history research methodology, which included examining the story through oral history, government documents, newspaper accounts, historical archives, personal correspondence, photographs, and artifacts. This research revealed a very human and compassionate side to managing one of Minnesota's county poor farms and gives insight into a deeper understanding of genuine hospitality in response to strangers at the gate."
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Read the full story of this project in an article from The Concordian , November 22, 2002

Acceptance theme in Centennial Lecture

Elizabeth Capouch
Staff Writer

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Note: We are hoping to obtain permission to post a copy of this article.We are also contacting the researchers to see if they can share any of their material on The POORHOUSE STORY.   PHL