Submitted by    Richard Jilbert

    "The county poor house and farm are located within the limits of Marquette City. The building is almost new, and well adapted to the purpose for which it was constructed. The old poor house is still standing, close by. The institution is heated and ventilated on the most approved principles, and its management is very satisfactory. During the year ending September, 1881, the value of paupers' labor was estimated at $300; revenue from farm products, $500; amount paid for official services to the poor, and for their transportation and support, $1,939.91; medicine, funerals, food, fuel, clothing and other expenses in aid of extern poor, $15,867.17; average.cost of each intern pauper for the year, $57.88. The total amount expended during the year in the care and support of the poor was $23,912.44. There was one legitimate and one illegitimate birth and eight deaths reported for 1881: The number of persons who received out-door relief was 1,043 poor, 1 insane, 1 deaf and dumb and one in the Michigan Retreat. The whole number relieved was 1, 154 persons."

The above is extracted From: “History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan” 1883, page 390. This publication is no longer in print.

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