JACKSON COUNTY INFIRMARY (poorhouse/county poor farm)

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This information is from some of the members of the Jackson County Genealogical Society.
 From their memories, your photo is of the Jackson County Poor House that would have been on County Farm Rd. (northwest of the city of Jackson). It was near what is now the Seventh Day Adventist School, and their Seventh Day Adventist Community Service building. It was located next to one of the Jenkins Farms, and to the east of the newer Mobile Home Park which is across the road from the T.A.C. plant

The Jackson County Poor Farm is no longer there, no structure, only a small section of foundation, and the Cemetery lies next to the Road with a fence around it (mostly to keep out the cattle). It was listed as Section 19 of Blackman Township.

The patients who died there and had no other means of burial were buried in this plot. I don't believe that headstones are there, unless they are flat to the ground. The Society published a listing of the burials in its quarterly, the LEXICON in Vol. 7#3.

They must have torn it down in the late 50's or early 60's but it was built similar to that picture. I can remember in the late 50's some prisoners escaped from the State Prison on Cooper and they hid out in the old building--caused quite a stir in the neighborhood.

The 'Poor Farm' was eventually moved to the present day Jackson County Medical Care Facility on Lansing Ave. I know this, because my own father worked at both the old Poor Farm and Jackson County Medical Care Facility. I remember going in the old building of the Poor Farm in the 1950's, and as a child I thought it was quite 'ghostly'--it being an old building then and lots of old things.

The above is from one of our members. From another member:

The picture of the "Jackson County Infirmary" looks like the building that I remember seeing as the "Jackson County Poor Farm" on County Farm Rd. Of course, my memory is not always accurate. There are probably other pictures at the library if someone wants to take the time to look for them!

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