Commemorative Plate
Hillsdale Area Centennial
1869--100th Anniversary--1969

The portion shown above is the drawing of  the famous poorhouse which was the subject of Will Carleton's poem, 
"Over the Hill to the Poorhouse."
                                      To the right >>>

a more recent photograph of 
the Will Carleton Poorhouse 
which is being restored 
by The Hillsdale Historical Society 



I stole the new photo from a webpage which is signed:
"This page was created by Erin Simmons and Stacy Sodergren, 8th grade."
It appears to be a page from the Pittsford School site.
And since "character education" is featured in their program..
I would like to reinforce that by
setting a good example of not stealing (Or violating copyrights!)

So, could someone local please click on the links above and (with that information) please call the school for me? -- to ask how I can communicate with them about obtaining permission to continue using this great photograph ... from their great pages about the poorhouse!

Linda Crannell
(aka=The Poorhouse Lady at )

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