Obituary of Waldo Lamb

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In Leicester, June 7 (of paralysis), Waldo Lamb, aged 62 years 2 mos 4 days.

IN MEMORIAM.-When our substantial and useful citizens pass away in active

life, the community meets with a loss that is felt and deplored. Mr. Lamb

had spent his days in our midst, and was ever an honest, industrious, frugal

and temperate man, and a consistent Christian. For 26 years of the prime of

his life he was employed by the town as superintendent of the town farm,

which he managed with the same interest he would have shown in his own

affairs, and to the general acceptance of the town. His firm, but kind and

affable manners, and his sympathetic feelings, particularly qualified him

for this important, and in many respects, trying situation. In him the poor

ever found a kind friend, and in his family a comfortable and pleasant home.

Since his retirement from the superintendence of the town farm he a has been

one of the overseers of the poor, and has made comfortable at his own house

hundreds of the wandering poor, who have had cause to bless him and his

family for that kind attention which has been received from them. He leaves

the partner of his youth, who has for several years been entirely deprived

of sight , and two daughters, to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband

and an indulgent parent; and the community generally will long remember him

as a kind neighbor, a valuable citizen, and in every situation in life an

honest man.

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