HAMPDEN "I have a diary written in 1865 by the supervisor of an Almshouse or Poor Farm in Springfield, MA. She mentions Mayor Briggs, Marshall Pease, E. Booth and Mavis Chapfield as coming to give their approval for her and her husband to run the Almshouse for another year on Feb. 4th, 1865. She mentions my Grandfathers name throughout the Diary (Marcus Esterbrook Aspinwall) but I don't know his relationship to her, perhaps her husband or brother. Any clues as to whom this woman was would be most appreciated."
     BJ Bates 
[Note: It appears that this must have been a local almshouse which was in Hampden County ... where an apparent state almshouse was also located.  PHL ]
MIDDLESEX      Just a note to tell you that there was a "Poor House" located at the tip of the wedge where Winthrop St intersected with High St in Medford MA. I know it existed in the forties because I lived nearby.
     It was a large and lovely Victorian home as I remember from a young child's point of view. I felt sad whenever I passed by knowing that the inhabitants had no family to love or care for them. I can remember not seeing many occupants around the grounds because I looked for them as I wandered by, wondering what they looked like. I imagine I wondered if they looked "different" because they were so poor. For some reason, a canon pops into memory, perhaps on the front lawn but I am not very sure about that.
     I will see if I can dig up any more information on this so I can submit to the PHS.   
     Mary Strovink Daukas 
WORCESTER A Great-Granddaughter's Poignant Memories of Visits to the Worcester County poorhouse.  
"I have heard about a poor house in Hubbardston, [Worcester County] Massachusetts. I know nothing about it but believe an ancestor may have stayed there.  Does anyone know any of the details on this?"
     Agnes St.Cyr  Email: