Almshouse and State Primary School in Monson [Hampden Co.], MA  -- RECORDS

Submitted by Sally Neale (with her notes included)
"Most of the genealogical records are available on microfilm through the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, (you can rent the films through local LDS Family History Centers) Original records at the Massachusetts Archives. Of Genealogical interest are:

I got this list off the LOC, which said that LDS and Mass Archives has them.
I've also been to the Archives and accessed them myself."

* Birth register, 1854-1885 (birthdate, parent names, and--in later entries--parent countries of origin, sex of birth, and mother's marital status)
* Death register, 1854-1895 (Information in entries per printed categories includes almshouse/school no., name, age, death date, and cause of death. From 1868 also annual case no., parent names, sex, occupation, and birthplace.)
*Transfer lists of inmates, 1854-1883. (Inmates are listed on standard admission register forms--often as reports or requests to the superintendent from the state board--with entry information as per printed categories which vary but usually include institution no., name, age, birthplace, disease/condition, admission date (to transferring institution), where from; and other data as to origins.)
*Children's records, 1855-1869. (Entries include registration no., name, admission date, age, where from, birthplace, discharge date, former registration no., person (place and date) taking responsibility a discharge, family background, notes relating to inmate after discharge.)
* Admission registers, 1854-1872. (Printed categories for entries are almshouse no., name, age, birthplace, from, when came into state, vessel or railroad, via (including date), admission date, disease or condition, date died, date discharged, remarks (e.g., former almshouse no., destination and/or condition on discharge)
* Case histories, 1855-1876. (Information in each biographical paragraph typically includes name, age, birthplace, facts of arrival if immigrant, location and names of family members, occupation, and previous residences. Dates of discharge or death often added.)


Admission records and case histories, 1854-1882
Authors: State Almshouse (Monson, Massachusetts) (Main Author)
Notes: Microfilm of records at Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, Massachusetts.
Subjects: Massachusetts, Hampden, Monson - Poorhouses, poor law, etc.
Format: Manuscript (On Film)
Language: English
Publication: Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1997
Physical: on 15 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

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Personal Note:  "On case histories of children, often there is not much information about parentage, however, on my great-grandmother's entry, they did list her biological name. I found out my great-grandmother was put in the State Primary School, by accessing the Federal Census of 1880, which listed the children as placed in the School."                                Sally Neale
NOTE:  The original documents are archived at the Massachusetts State Archives.
This also includes letters written by the children, parents and adopted parents.

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