A Great-Granddaughter's Memories of  Poorhouse Visits

I do remember the poor house in Worcester which I think was on Belmont street.

My Great Grandmother was there. I remember visiting her each Sunday. She was always sitting in one of those real old highback  wicker wheelchairs. She had stockings covering her hands. She never said anything. She would always just stare.

There was also a "working farm." When we would drive by the poor farm and the home. you could see the old men who were still capable of working, out in the fields plowing etc. I remember the cows especially. Lots of cows.

I always remember my parents saying, "That's we're we (them) are going to end  up."  They almost did. They were spenders from way back, with no responsibility.

In fact my Dad ended up on the same grounds way in the back, but it was  Worcester State hospital. They thought he was crazy, but in fact he had a brain tumor and died there. 

What memories are coming to mind as I try to do this geneaology. 

The house was so old. So depressing. So dark and dreary inside. It had an old stale smell. I can still see the door to enter and the window that I sat in front of looking out onto the street as we visited.

submitted by: Kali

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