We included this page despite the fact that it did not scan well
                -- we have provided a transcription --
                because it is a classic example of the way the poorhouse system was
                supposed to discourage people who were merely considered lazy
                from continuing  to request "outdoor relief" --
                             by offering only poorhouse residence!

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                                          Salem Mch 7 / 70
Overseers of the Poor
of the Town of Peabody
We have called on Geo H. Berry &  family,
and see no reason why the[y] should not
support themselves.
                                 And our Board request
me to say that they are unwilling to
contribute for their support, and if they
insist upon calling on you for aid
please inform us & we shall remove
them to our Alms House
                                                   Of this we
have told them.
            For the Overseers of the Poor of
                       Dan'l P. Fitz, Clk


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