POORHOUSE RESIDENTS from Kennebec County MAINE -- 1800 Census

Albion, Kennebec County Maine  "Town Farm" 
Submitted by:  dknyfave@yahoo.com

A = Age
R = Race
S = Sex
MS = Marital Status
POB = Place of birth
N.B.= New Brunswick

 Surname           Given             A RS         MS    Disability                 POB                Father               Mother        

McLaughlin        Samuel             77WM      W      Collarbone Broken        ME                  ME                      ME

Harper               Mary                 83WF       S        Paralysis                    ME                  ME                      ME

Robinson           Betsey              79WF       W                                        ME                  ME                      ME

Gilman              Ruth                 82WF        S         Bli or Deaf                 ME                  NH                       NH

Bragg                Allie L.              05WF        S                                         ME                  ME                      ME

Brown               William             14WM        S                                         ME                  N.B.                     ME

Brown               Harriet               11WF        S                                         ME                  N.B.                     ME

Brown               Elizabeth C.      16WF         S                                         ME                  N.B.                     ME

Brown               Mabel               09WF         S                                         ME                  N.B.                     ME         


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