The documents below are typical of the vast amount of bookkeeping required of the administrators of poorhouses. They also sometimes hold the keys to a genealogist's "brick wall" mysteries! ... regardless of whether the brick represents information about a poorhouse inmate; or a vendor who provided goods or services to a poorhouse; or an obscure poorhouse official or staff member.  PHL
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1852 Order from the Selectmen of Canton
(Gideon Ellis, Geo [?] Reynolds, & Jacob Luddens)
to pay Gideon Ellis $170.45 for his services as a
Selectman. [No written indication that this is poorhouse related.]
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1859 Order from Selectmen (E[?] Leonard & S[?] Trent) of Canton to the Town Treasurer (Cornelius M. Holland) to pay $31.25 to [?] A. Ellis for a cash advance to pay Pauper Bills of Town of Otisfield [?] for supplies for A. Coolidge & family from 12/12/1858 to 3/8/1859 MAINE_DOC_1859.jpg (84877 bytes)
1872 Order from the Selectmen (Ansel G[?] Staples & Thom[as] Reynolds) of Canton to the Town Treasurer (John P[?] Swasey, Esq.) to pay Owen Hubbard $72.85 for Service on Town Farm for the year 1871.

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1898 Order from the Selectmen (W. Wm.[?] Washburn & C.A. Oldham) of Canton to the Town Treasurer (N.[?] Reynolds) to pay A. J. Dailey $130 for Oxen bought for Town Farm.

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