Facts About Knox County Poorhouses: by Robert McGinnis 

From the KnoxCoTN e-mail list on 7/3/200

Hi All,

Yes the George Maloney Home did exist at the Maloneyville location from about 1939 until the closing of Hillcrest Nursing Institute in 1986. Basically Knox County Pauper records policy was to destroy all records after seven years, but Some records have been spared over the years. There is an unconfirmed rumor that Hillcrest Beverly has some of the patient records but refuse to release them to the County Archives because of the Privacy Laws. I do have partial records for burials from Three separate cemeteries which were and are located at the farm. By the way the cemeteries are not on the jail property, but on the adjoining Golf Course. And also George Maloney was not the first workhouse/Poor House, There are mentions of at least four others dating back to the 1850's. Hope this helps some one!

Robert McGinnis

Maybe Robert can tell us more about those earlier poorhouses?  PHL

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