Monroe County Court of Claims, Reg.

  Submitted by: Tim Harper

Oct 13, 1903
Ordered that W.B. Turner take charge of the paupers in the poor house and feed and clothe them at the rate per head of $4 per month and he is to have the use and occupation of said poor house and farm free from rent upon which he is to keep said paupers and his services will begin on Oct.20, 1903 and there upon came W.B. Turner into court and executed bond to the Commonwealth of Ky. that he would faithfully discharge all the duties of poor house keeper of the paupers of Monroe Co. and thereupon came R.V. Evans, J.J. Grissow and J.H. Richardson sureties who signed said bond and said bond was approved by the court. 

Oct 15, 1903
Ordered that W.B. Turner be allowed three hundred and ninety five dollars for keeping poor house from Oct 20, 1902 to Oct 20, 1903

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