Poorhouse Listing from Barren County, Kentucky 1900 Census

Magistrate District #1  15 June, 1900  Census taken by B. P. Story,
At the top of the page under "Name of Institution" is written  "County Alms House Lines 69 to 78
Last Name First Name Relationship Race Sex Age Marital Status Birthplace Occupation
Kincheloe Zebe head white male 36 md KY Supt county farm
--- Cora wife white female 25 md KY mother
--- Sallie J. daughter white female 2 single KY
Dickinson  Enri inmate white male 82 widower KY pauper
Bowman, Charles inmate white male 82 single NC pauper
Crumpton John inmate white male 80 widowed KY pauper
Hester Jacob inmate white male 55 single KY pauper
Thompson Mary E. inmate white female 45 single KY pauper
Merfey Fannie inmate white female 74 widow KY pauper
Smith Luvina inmate white female 74 widow KY pauper
Walker Harriet inmate white female 74 widow KY pauper
Bergen Cinda inmate white female 70 widow KY pauper
Fisher Sopha inmate whie female 80 widow KY pauper
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