[Note: This is, unfortunately, a not uncommon experience when  trying to locate poorhouse records. One of the primary reasons for the existence of The POORHOUSE STORY website is our desire to see such records preserved and kept accessible to researchers.  PHL ]
I have a relative who died in a poorhouse in Ks., early 1900's. This was the poorhouse in  Reno County., S. Hutchinson, KS. I have been there, got pictures of the remains of what was the poorhouse and even talked to a few people who know a little about it. However I cannot locate anybody who knows anything about where the records from there might be.

A lot of people said Broadacres Nursing Home (which is now called Silver Oak Health Care) took over and should have the records.  However I have been there talked with them and they claim they do not have the records.

They sent me to the county courthouse.  However the courthouse said they do not have any of those records at all, that the nursing home who took over should have the records.

I have the 1920 death certificate for him. So I went to the funeral home in Hutchinson, Ks. and found out what cemetery he is buried in. I know he is in that cemetery because other family members are buried there. However I have searched it several times and cannot locate his grave. The man who keeps the book for that cemetery  keeps saying he is not listed in the

It's really been frustrating because everybody keeps giving me contradictory information about who has the records for the poorhouse.  And I can't seem to find out any information except the
actual physical location of the building.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your time,

Barbara Worthington-Teter
email: bjteter@juno.com

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