Inquiries about  Institute Poorhouse in KANAWHA County

The following are messages which have been posted on our Message Board.  PHL
"I, too, have been looking for records of the Kanawha County Poorhouse. My husband (now deceased)'s grandfather supposedly lived and died there sometime after 1934. I even found a picture of it in the Charleston Gazette in July 1999. It is shown on another page of this website. But, no records.  I can't even find where he was buried. It is unbelievable that there are no records anywhere of the patients that lived and died there.

Mabel McDaniel Wilson
"Have been looking for information on the records for the "poor farm" and have had the same no luck. Two Hartwell daughters were there sometime after 1880 and one died in 1898. If I could find the date in which they entered, would tell me when their parents died.
Just does not seem possible that the amount of records that had to have been accumulated just disappeared."

Clara Hill
"I had a grandfather that lived and died at the Institute Poor house. When I wrote to the Archives and the County clerk of Kanawha county, I was told there were no records of the deaths of the people that had died there. I do know the home built the caskets that the residents were buried in. Hoping to find more about my grandfather, but have so far met only a brick wall. I know the name of the family that operated the poor farm there, but unfortunately they have passed away and have lost contact with her son. The Charleston Gazette ran a picture of the poor farm at Institute as a millennium celebration ad. Not real sure of the date of the picture, but think it was July of 1999. If any one has any more info, would love to have it. I remember well the poor house as I delivered newspapers to it in the mid 40's. Please email me if you have any more information..   Thanks."

Patti Strobel-Woods
"In the early 1930s as a boy growing up in Dunbar, WV, I remember  a large brick building in the center of large farm at Institute  west of Dunbar in KANAWHA County. To the local people this place was known as the  "POOR FARM".  Institute was the site of a college for black students,  and the poor farm was located between the College and the Kanawha River, as I recall. I am interested in when the Poor Farm closed and  any other information on it's history."

William (Billy) Knight Roberts II