Butler County Poor Farm and Cemetery, Butler County, IA 

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 Butler County Poor Farm and Cemetery 
        The Butler County Poor Farm was located in Section 73 of Jackson Township.
    In 1876, the county purchased the northeast quarter of the section and at once laid out plans for the erection of suitable buildings. The contract for the buildings were let to Wilkinson and Harvey for the sum of $4,000 and the building was completed June 1,1877. The size of the main part of the building was 28 by 44 feet with a wing 28 by 32 feet, two stories high. The wing was used by the superintendent and family, and the main part for the poor. The main parts stories were divided into convenient rooms, the first floor being taken up by the kitchen and dining room, and the upper divided into twelve sleeping apartments. The house was opened to the poor on the 15th of February, 1877 at which time only one person made this their home. At one time there were as many as fifty people living at the Poor Farm. The salary of the superintendent was $35 per month.
    The Butler County Poor Farm set aside a small plot of land about one-half acre in size, in the center of Section 33, for the purpose of burying its deceased residents. Although the cemetery is now abandoned the grounds are still fenced.
    John Rops, a neighboring farm owner, tells of the late Tim Stafford who once was a caretaker of the farm. Mr. Stafford remembered over the years during the time he worked there, that as many as nineteen people were buried in this cemetery. 
   Old record books show that many more are buried here. No markers are standing, although at one time wooden crosses marked each grave. All that remains are the indentations showing the grave spots, a few wild plum trees, wild flowers and the memory of forgotten souls.
   In checking the Butler County Poor Farm records from 1877 to 1896 and the Butler County Court House Death Records, the following information was found: 
Rika Achilles d Dec 10, 1878 buried at Co. Poor Farm 
Cornelius Hitchcock d 1878 67y American from Shellrock Twp. 
Mathilda Reid d Mar 24, 1879 22y American buried at Co. Poor Farm 
Alice Older d July 19,1879 21y American from Shellrock Twp. 
John Anyhells d Mar 7, 1881 25y from Albion Twp 
Reubin Gardner d June 8, 1883 73y from Ripley Twp. 
Patrick Berna d Dec 4, 1885 19y from Ripley Twp. Canadian 
Thomas Frost d Dec 7, 1886 66y from Pittsford Twp. American 
Mrs. M. Dalurimple d Sept 29,1888 80y from Madison Twp. American 
?? Ropsin d June 1,1890 80y from Hansell.Danish 
Barnet Grandon d Mar 31,1891 76y from Beaver Twp. American 
Mrs. Brown d Sept 17, 1891 38Y from Butler Twp. 
ohn Donovan d July 1,1892 from Kansas 28y 
Etta Harris d May 28, 1892 from Butler Twp. American 
John Bromley d May 13,1893 58y from Allison. American 
Jacob Wehrung d Jan 27,1894 71y from West Point Twp. French 
John Chapman d June 12,1896 79y from Clarksville. English 
Anna Pell d Oct 2, 1906 79y buried at Co. Poor Farm 
John Eidelman d Dec 10,1910 age unknown buried at Co. Poor Farm 
Henry James d Mar 6, 1911 age unknown buried at Co. Poor Farm 
Roxie Koenegieser d June 23,1912 45y buried at Co. Poor Farm 
Mrs. Dewitt d Apr 21,1913 age unknown buried at Co. Poor Farm 
    Records from the farm are missing from the year 1896 to 1906. The last burial at the farm was in 1906 after which burials were made at the Allison Cemetery. Such burials were made in the last row in the center section.