Jasper County Poor Farm Cemetery

This information was submitted by  Janalee Garn     

The cemetery is small. The front fence is just behind the photographer and the two side fences are just out of the picture. Because the cemetery is on a sharp hill the picture could not be taken from a longer range.

There are three stones just to the back right, and just one was caught in the picture.
(See epitaphs below.)

Most of the people buried there were moved. 
(See below for further information.)

Plaque says -

Jasper County Burying Ground


    Erected by Jasper County Cemetery Comm.
In memory of those buried there

Inscriptions on each of the only three remaining small stones in this cemetery are as follows.

Maud, dau. of C & J Lackey    Anna Maud dau. of J W & D A Trotter    Louisa M. dau. of R K & M Stodgel
     died June 30, 1875                      died June 30, 1875                                died 9 Jan 1876
         Age 1yr 8m 2d                           aged 6m 15d                                      age 2y 3m 26 d
                                                         "Sleep Baby"

There is a lot # 33 in the Slagel Cemetery that says County Home - no stones. Also lot # 25 says County Home - no stones.  Both are in the same NW Section.  This is the believed to be the only Cemetery that county home graves were moved to.
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The land owner next door to the cemetery has said the commission just recently put those stones in the tiny cemetery.  Also he said Old Timers say it was a very large place years ago.