Submitted by Leonard Granger

from the History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties(1919) Vol 1, Pages 171 and 172

One of the public buildings and benevolent enterprises in which the citizens of Chickasaw County may justly take pride, is the county home and farm for the care of the dependent and helpless. This home is located on a large farm about six miles south of New Hampton in a most beautiful section of the county, with fine farms and farm houses in the surrounding country. The home was established in 1872, when the farm was purchased and a building was erected. at a cost of $1,360.80. Since the additions and improvements have been made to resident building until it now presents a most attractive appearance, and is the subject of commendable remark by visitors and those who pass along the highway near which the home is located. The yard and surroundings are neatly kept and everything about the place bears the mark of taste and intelligent management. A pauper asylum, or county poorhouse, would be a misnomer for this place, and the authorities acted with wisdom when they officially designated it as The Chickasaw County Home.

The treasurer's statement of the condition of the county revenue, from January 1 to June 2, 1873, for the following items:

Poor Farm Fund  ...........  Cash in Treasury, January $180.15

                                                 Total collections 1,823.95
                                                  Disbursements --2,115.51

                                               Balance in treasury $868.59