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Late in February 2001 Mr. Garner updated us with new information about this former poorhouse which he had written about in the letter printed farther below.

Through a new county commissioner, a plan was enacted to turn the facility over  (at no cost) to a non-profit  corporation which will convert it into a residential care facilty for a population which will allow about half of the current residents to stay at the current facility. County officials have also agreed to a facade easement and some restrictions that would preserve the building inside and out, or at least require that any changes be approved by a committee which will include Mr. Garner (Wythougan Valley Preservation Council ) and the historical society director.

Our congratulations to the people who worked so hard to preserve this poorhouse! And our apologies for having been so tardy in announcing it to readers of The POORHOUSE STORY.

This is really inspiring news which we know will encourage other communities engaged in similar efforts; so we will be featuring this story on our NEWS ALERTS page later this month.

posted 6/1/2001                                                                                                         PHL


Mon 12/11/00 8:43 PM  

Dear Poorhouse Lady and Readers of The POORHOUSE STORY:

In  just a few days  a very controversial decision will have to be  made by our (Marshall) County Council to uphold the County Commissioners vote to phase out our county home, one of only about 30 left in our state. I was responsible for listing the home on the National Register earlier this year in hopes that it would possibly save the 1892 Mahurin structure. 

It is unfortunate really-- the home is in very good condition and the 38 residents very well taken care of.  I am afraid this grand structure has a date with the wrecking ball in a few years. 

One county commissioner even went so far as to have the boundary of the cemetery removed. It is now farmed over. I am sure they want an open piece of ground for development. These individuals should be given the same dignity we ascribe to others.

I know that we have records of the individuals buried in the now lost county farm cemetery.

Any ideas?

Kurt Garner
Wythougan Valley Preservation Council 


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