Paris, France -- Steel Engraving from 1853! -- Hospital de la Salpetriere




The Paris Hospitals are governed by a central administration. Each hospital for the sick of the larger class has its own anatomical theater. Annually they take in more than 130,000 patients at an expense of about 10 millions of Francs. A large part of their revenues is derived from funded property; a smaller part from a share in the Excise duties of Paris (Octroy) and in the receipts of all the theaters of the Capital.

The Hospital de la Salpetriere compares with the Hotel Dieu in magnitude and excellent arrangements. The said Institution is situated in a healthy location, on the Boulevard de I'Hospital, in the vicinity of the Botanic Garden. Its buildings, with the courtyards and gardens occupy a space of 16 acres. They form one might say, a separate town with streets and squares, a church, church-yard, poor-house, and an asylum for women who are broken by age and disease. The chief establishment is the Hospital for those unfortunate beings, whom fate has loosened the ties with the rest of the world for those poorest of all, from whom "a God who gives and who takes away"-has taken the ennobling gift of humanity.



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