The Workhouse

"Workhouse is a word that often conjures up the harsh and squalid world of Oliver Twist. The workhouse could be a grim and brutal place, but its story is also a fascinating mix of social history, politics, economics and architecture.

http://users.ox.ac.uk/~peter/workhouse/ is dedicated to the workhouse its buildings, its inmates, its staff and administrators, and even its poets..."

This is a wonderful website which Peter created about the same time PHS was created. It includes information about workhouses in: 
                            England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland



Belgium -- 1893 Painting by Belgian artist, Joseph Van Snick
Title: L'Hospice
Description: Old women in an almshouse spinning


Canada -- Page of information


England -- Saint Edward School and Alms House (Stratford-on-Avon)

England -- Almshouse Bombed during WWII 
           -- photo of residents wandering ruins  

England -- Trinity Almshouse, founded by Queen Elizabeth, Worcester  


France -- photo of Hospital 'La Salpetriere', Paris, France 


The Netherlands -- 1787 Engraved Illustration of newly constructed Work House



Sweden --

Swedish American 
has generously given us permission to copy an excellent article from their June 2003 issue.

"The Poor You Always 
Have With You

by Elisabeth Thorsell

pages 124-126       The poor-house at Turinge in Sodermanland.



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