1860 Census    Indiana      Union County

"County Poor House"                                              Everton Post Office                    Page 182
Submitted by:    dknyfave@yahoo.com

Surname           Given                Age      Sex      Color                 Place of Birth           Can't Read/Write            Insane or Convict


Scipio               Newton             103       M         B                      VA                          X

Reveles             Mary                 70         F         B                      NC                          X                                                   

Wilson              Dorcia               70         F                                  KY                                                                               

Douthard           Jacob                84         M                                 NC                                                                               

Crow                 James               55         M                                 Ireland                                                         Insane,UNK

McGreer            Sarah                53         F                                  NC                                                              Insane,UNK

Owens              John                 50         M                                 Ireland

Wilson              Jesse                35         M                                 Ind.                                                             Insane, UNK

Wilson              William              37         M                                 Ind.                                                             Insane, UNK

Bolls                 James               42         M                                 Ohio                                                                            

Perdue              Woodson          28         M                                 Ohio                       X                                  Insane, UNK

Revels               Edmond            29         M         B                      NC                          X                                                   

Mitchel              Catharine          14         F          M                     Ind                                                                               

Bowden             Alexander           7         M         B                      Ind                          X                                                   

Scudder            Eliza                 40         F                                  Ohio                       X                                                   

Perdue              Eliza                 30         F                                  Ind                          X                                                   

Finch                Louticia             28         F                                  Ind                                                                               

Wilson              Mary A.             40         F                                  Ind                          X                                  Insane, UNK

Farnsworth        Ellen                 44         F                                  VA                                                              Insane, UNK

Perdue              George              22         M                                 Ind                                                              Insane, UNK

McGreer            Wm T.              35         M                                 Ind                          X                                  Insane, UNK

Finch                John T.               3         M                                 Ind                                                                               

Revels               Esther              35         F          B                      NC                          X


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