Recollections of the JACKSON COUNTY Indiana poorhouse

Since none of this has been confirmed in my adulthood, this must be considered as a recollection or anecdote.

I remember, during the 1940's (I was born in '38), knowing about the Poor Farm in Jackson County, Indiana. We lived in Seymour, but the Poor Farm was at the county seat, Brownstown, a smaller, but older, town. I think that the Poor Farm was located adjacent to(or nearby) the county fairgrounds. The county fair was referred to as the "Jackson County Free Fair", as opposed to the state fair, which charged admission.

The man whom I remember as having been the "head" of the farm (probably the administrator) was named "Zibe" McMahon, and was said to be a fine judge of horseflesh. He participated in the trotting races annually at the fair, and in regional events. I don't know if the inmates of the poor farm took care of his horses or not -- perhaps the horses were county property.

The residence stays in my memory as a huge old red brick Victorian mansion. Whether it had been a private residence or not, I don't know. For some reason, my Grandfather sometimes visited Zibe McMahon and took me along.

There -- that's not much, but it's all I know.

Jim Patrick

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