The following  is a facsimile copy of an authentic indenture bond which we were able to copy through the courtesy of the County Historian's Office in Washington County, New York. The original is archived there. The resolution of the old document was such that electronic scanning could not allow an adequately readable outcome. We have transcribed it as accurately as possible.
We have attempted to use representative fancy characters and have used conventional type to indicate what was pre-printed on the form (which was two-sided). To represent the handwritten portions, we have used a manuscript font. (And if you think that font is difficult to read ... just be glad you did not have to decipher the original! We chose that font to allow the reader an experience similar to what we had when we transcribed the original document.)
This kind of document was used very commonly in the early decades of the county poorhouses to provide a way to place children in the homes of local families. The practice of legal adoption of non-related children was extremely uncommon until the twentieth century. And it was felt to be wise to remove children from the poorhouse environment. However, in some cases these children were actually abused and over-worked and poorly cared for.                                PHL

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