The following was submitted from a generous reader who prefers we not post her name. PHL
The  Whiteside County Poorhouse which is pictured above was located near the village of Round Grove in the township of Mt. Pleasant. This was the second building designated such a facility. (The first one is no longer standing. It was a stone building and more commonly known as the "Insane Asylum". It was located in a different part of the county.)

The building you have shown was opened in 1871 and a number of residents were transferred to the new one when it opened. Its residents included people who were ill [no hospitals at that time], homeless people, mothers and children who had no means of support because their husbands and fathers had died or abandoned them.

Some stayed the rest of their lives. Some stayed only a short time until relatives could be located to assume the responsibility. Some were buried in the Round Grove Cemetery next to the Poorhouse but others were taken back to their previous homes for burial.

The saddest one I heard about was a 10 year old boy who arrived in this county aboard an "Orphan Train". He was picked by a family to live with them, but upon becoming ill he was taken to this home and there he died.

I am sure this was only one story among hundreds that were held in the hearts of the many who lived there during during the long time this facility was open.

The admissions from the beginning in October 1871 to April 1918 have been abstracted and is available at Odell Public Library, 307 South Madison St., Morrison, IL 61270 .

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