The County Farm

Port Byron Globe
Dated 27 Nov 1913

Submitted by: Carol Beeding 
Provided by: Rock Island Historical Society, 822 11th Avenue, Moline, IL  61265-1221
Marked improvements are being made at the Rock Island county farm where the inmates of the institution are engaged in the construction of a cold storage plant.

The meat necessary for the people on the farm will be slaughtered there and can be kept in good condition. They will be able in this way to supply all the meat and lard. Practically all the work of building the plant is being done by the men living there. There is of course, some work, such as the installing of the engines, that will have to be performed by skilled labor, but the main burden is being borne by those who will get the benefit.

Another building which was just completed is a new chicken house. It is a structure measuring about 20 by 50 feet and is placed on solid concrete foundations. All the new buildings are being erected on such foundations and the residents of the farm are well able to do the work of laying them. 

Of the 95 people living on the farm, many are of course unable to do active work, but it is the policy of Frank Wylie, who for the last six years has been in charge of the farm, to assign individual jobs to various men and make them responsible for their performance. 

Though none of the men and women on the farm are burdened with much work, they nearly all welcome the small task which they have to do each day and which gives them a small interest in life. Mr. Wylie’s idea has been that it helps the self-respect of those living on the county money to feel that they are doing something toward making the institution to some extent self-supporting.

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