Grateful to have found this information on-line!

Sun 11/17/02 10:39 AM


I received your email through ILMORGAN-L mailing list [where you gave the link to the Morgan county poorhouse records available on-line with IRAD.]

I had to take the time to tell you that I read word for word the story of your record quest for your Great Great Grandmother. What an amazing story and a labor of love.

I followed your instructions and found my Great Great Grandparents, William Higg [and family].

Actually other records show their last name as Higgs. But nontheless I found their stay with four children. I have a heavy heart reading that they were all admitted December 26th the day after Christmas. I can only imagine what Christmas was like for this family. Most of my other research shows 3 children so I can assume that ... they did lose one child.

Thank you so much for sharing your research!!!

Jacque Patton

NOTE:  Jacque went to the IRAD website to find the search engine for the
records from the Morgan County Poor Farm. There she found the following:
Morgan County Poor Farm Record Index, 18501932

                                                                  DATE         DATE
NAME                                             ADMITTED     DISCHARGED

HIGG, MRS (AND 4 CHILDREN)   12/26/1851           3/26/1852
HIGG, W(ILLIA)M                           12/26/1851           3/26/1852


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