the Poorhouse Story

Note: All of the quotes below refer to Jasper County

Letting the Pauper Keeping.
Newton Press, Jan. 30, 1889

To Whom it May Concern.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, poor farm committee, will meet at the county clerk's office in Newton, Ill., at 11 a.m. on Monday, February 4, 1889, for the purpose of letting the contract for keeping the paupers of Jasper county. Sealed bids will be received by us up to the date named above for such contract; we reserving the right to reject any or all bids.

 Dated at Newton, Ill., Jan. 16, 1889.
Committee on Poor Farm: J.W. Lee, Michael Kratzmire, Frank L. Merceret

Thomas S. Price was awarded the contract for keeping the paupers of Jasper county, Monday, at $1.25 a week per capita. He gets the use of the poor farm and is to feed, clothe, lodge, care for in sickness and provide with medical aid and bury decently all who die while in his charge.Several bids were received. February 6, 1889 

Thomas Price was awarded the contract for keeping the paupers of Jasper county, Monday, at $1.50 a week per capita by the committee, Saturday. He is to have the use of the poor farm in addition. This price appears to be a little more like humanity. February 5, 1890 

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the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story
Jasper County Poor Farm
From the October 26, 1887 Newton Press:

Isaac Kibler, keeper, furnishes us a list of
persons who have died at the poor farm since Feb 27, 1884:

Wm. Galloway, Feb. 20, 1884, 33 years 
Wm. T. Boram, June 17, 1884, 24 years 
Sarah E. Bright, May 19, 1886, 10 months 
Jacob Reed, Dec. 18, 1880, 70 years 
Eliza Thrasher, May 10, 1887, 50 years 
Deantha Cullum, Sept. 18, 1887, 66 years 

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the Poorhouse Story

The Jasper County Poor Farm Cemetery (Wade Township) is included in the following book: 
Jasper County, Illinois Cemeteries 1827 - 1850, Compiled by Members of the Jasper County Cemetery Survey Project
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the Poorhouse Story

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