NOTE:  This was both a poorhouse cemetery and what is often called a "Potter's Field" --
a cemetery for the burial of indigent people -- often transients to the community.  PHL

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Spring 2002 UPDATE -- New photos bordered in RED. 

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 Even though the         cemetery is next to     what is now a busy    shopping mall --      

this community has
created a peaceful view.
(Thanks to Ed for having captured this on film.)

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As was true in most early poorhouse cemeteries  -- many of the first gravestones were unmarked.
It takes a real effort to search various kinds of records to determine who may lie there

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This plaque is a way 
to assure respect to these people as individuals.


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These current photos do have
a bleak & winter feel --

-- but Ed has promised to send us some
   more photos after thing green up in the Spring!
   --  and now they are here! (with red borders)

The rest of these named gravestones are from the 1970s through the 1990s. To respect the privacy of these families, we are not posting these photos; however, for anyone with knowledge of a friend or family member whom they believe to have been buried here, we will be happy to check and e-mail them a copy of the relevant photo.

Earliest named gravestone.

IL_DEKALB_CEM_35of38_TheodoreKupler_1917.jpg (56594 bytes)


Photos taken, scanned & submitted by: Ed McCauley 

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