The Oakland Messenger Newspaper (Oakland IL)  2 June 1921
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Had Been An Inmate of County Almshouse for Many Years

Joe Bloxum, a former resident of Oakland, died at the county poor farm near Ashmore, Wednesday morning and was buried in the cemetery near the farm. Joe had been at the farm a long time and was a willing worker there; taking pride in assisting the superintendent to keep the lawn and grounds clean and tidy. So far as we know, Mr. Bloxum has no living relatives.

In speaking of his death the Courier has the following to say:

Joe Bloxom, age 76 years, making the county almshouse his home for fifteen years, died at the home at 10:30 o'clock Wednesday morning from injuries believed to have been received between this city and Ashmore some time Tuesday afternoon. Bloxom, who was going to visit in Oakland for a few days, was in Charleston Tuesday and was seen in the railroad districts, near Third street, about noon. It is believed that the man, who was quite feeble, must have been "side swiped" by a train as his shoulders and a part of his body bore severe bruises.

While nothing of a definite nature is known, it is believed that the old man had started to walk to the county farm, after being injured, and was picked up by a passing motorist who left him at the gate of the poor farm about 8:30 o'clock on Tuesday night. He was given instant attention by Superintendent Harvey Reigel, who called physicians, but the shock and probably the bruises caused the man's death. The funeral services were held at the county farm at ten o'clock Thursday morning and burial was made in the "little green plot."


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