This wonderful old building is up for sale.

In the past few years we have seen many old poorhouse buildings lost to history.  Built on what was originally property owned by local governments, much of that property has been sold by those local governments to private interests.  Sadly, in many cases the buildings have been razed (either by the governments prior to sale or by the private interests who purchased them) in order to build such "commercial" projects as parking lots and strip shopping centers. Often the adjoining cemeteries
have been totally disregarded and destroyed.


We have documented many cases in which "history-friendly" projects have made good use of the property while preserving -- and often better publicizing -- these old buildings.  They include "bed & breakfasts", restaurants, headquarters for local historical and/or genealogical societies, etc.

It is our fervent hope that such can be the outcome of this sale.  PLEASE take up our campaign to find such a friendly buyer for this poorhouse!  You can help by suggesting local parties who might buy this property with that goal in mind.  Or you can contact local political leaders and the media to promote such an outcome.  THIS CAN BE A WIN-WIN situation!

Please click on the link above to find out all the details about this sale and the history of this poorhouse.


Linda Crannell
(aka=The Poorhouse Lady)