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                   TO BE CONTINUED

           … and after the bus leaves …
Cleanup Goes On!


Author’s Note

   Obviously, we have not yet told the whole
   story here.  We need to put the story of
   Freeze Nights in a larger context.

    Many readers have asked us very thoughtful
    questions. We will explore these and show
    you what we learn.

       PART TWO will address the following:

        Where do women and children go?
         (We didn’t see any in this story.)

What happens to those who
cannot get into ARCH or
go out to the churches
because of a lack of space?

Where do these men go …
and what do they do ...
the morning after
a Freeze Night ends?

What other programs exist
to serve the homeless in Austin?




                   … and on.

           [We’ll spare you the photos of us
                  wielding the toilet brush.]


Your tireless author doing in depth
research … on a carpet … with a
vacuum cleaner … instead of a word



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