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“Look, Boss!  The bus! The bus!
                                                                Which might be overheard if this was a Freeze Night on Fantasy Island. 
                                                                                            (Wait. If there were freezing nights then it wouldn’t be Fantasy Island, would it?.)


Tonight it is two hours later than usual when we board the special charter bus that Capital Metro provides.


This special service is provided to shuttle the men from the downtown location of the regular shelter out to the host churches which may be in the downtown area … but are also likely to be quite a distance out into the farther reaches of the city.





          we’re onboard and rolling!


You may wonder how homeless men know
where and when to show up to board this bus
when they want to come in from the cold.  It’s
called “Street Smarts” … with a little help from
public service posters and announcements.

Many homeless may choose to stay outside the
system  even for brief periods of time.  But when they choose to … they know where ARCH is located.  And they know what time to show up in a freeze.