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But first we get to wait. And wait.

Tonight there has been a glitch.  The only church
with space available has a schedule conflict.  They
canít let us in until after 8 PM.

And thatís the news we have to tell at 6 PM!
(On the street, people know to show up at ARCH
at that earlier time.) 


But the good news is Ö we can let the men who
have their tickets now come into the waiting room
to keep warm until then.



Some socialize.

Some nap.

Some find a quiet place
in the midst of the crowd.

( I run around taking pictures, trying to identify the men in the photographs we have taken on Freeze Nights earlier this winter, and explaining the need
to get them to sign photo releases.

Many are willing to have their pictures used, but they donít want to be identified.  Others snatch up the releases and begin to mug for the camera!)


But all of us rejoice
when the call rings out that Ö

              The bus has finally arrived!