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By late afternoon all of the shifts have been filled.  Volunteers have shopped and prepared food and have made their deliveries to the church. .The food service and reception crew has arrived early to set up the room.  And by 6:30 PM they are busy keeping the food warm.

                 Ah, YUMMMMY!

(and it smells good, too.) 




The visitors are all grateful for a meal; and they are mostly 
not picky eaters.  But they do have their favorites.  Some 
really like the “Beenie Weenies” (above in the pot); but who could resist pulling up that chair to eat
fried chicken, beans & rice, and piping hot cornbread (left) freshly baked in a church which does it’s own cooking on-site (below). 


Now, with everything ready to eat, the sleeping mats (if we’re at a church that has them) are hauled out of storage and arranged around the sleeping room.

 [Some host churches haven’t the space to store so many mats.  Then visitors sleep on the floor.  But that gets done in a warm and friendly place.  And the visitors have slept on hard places before. On a bitter cold night … this is a good place to sleep.]

This is what the room will look like after visitors have left their bedding and belongings in the sleeping area.  

       … and now we wait for company.