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                                                     We have a FREEZE NIGHT!

                                                                              by Linda Crannell



It starts with an e-mail. Or a phone call.
Well. Really, it starts with a thermometer


At about 9:30 AM it’s confirmed.  Tonight the temperature 
will get down to freezing. At the Austin Resource Center for 
the Homeless  (ARCH) things kick into gear.


The freezing weather may not have been expected by the 
weather service.  But this is a potential emergency for which 
a plan is already in place.

The Freeze Night coordinator places a call to her contact at the 
church that has agreed to be “on call” to host the overflow from 
the shelter on this particular night.

“Well, it’s official.  We have a Freeze Night. Can you and your team feed and shelter about fifty men tonight?”

 The response is immediate.  “Of course!”
And then the e-mails begin to fly.


TO:        Freeze Night Team

SUBJECT:  FREEZE NIGHT ALERT!  We’re on for tonight!

 I need to assemble a crew. Please respond by return email or call me.
You may volunteer for more than one shift. I need all shifts as follows:

Breakfast Food supplies: (one gallon milk, 50 pieces of fresh fruit, 50 hard   boiled eggs, 50 rolls--delivered to the church kitchen, any time Mon.)

Food preparation:(food delivered hot or ready to serve by 6:30 pm)

Food Service and Reception crew -- (6:30 to 8:30 pm )
Washup and Watch
-- (8:00 to 10:00pm)
2nd Watch
-- (9:30 to 11:30pm)
-- (11:00 pm to 6:30 am)
              or until the church is cleaned up

Morning Cleanup crew
—-(5:30 am to 7:30 am)
                        or until the church is cleaned up

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are available and are willing to do this.