Residents of the Old Lyme Town Farm  from the 1900 Census

Submitted by Karlynn Gustafson 
NOTE: "Augusta (Appleby) Maynard was the sister-in-law of my great-grandfather, David Otis Maynard. I have developed so much admiration for this woman and am so pleased I decided to gather as much information as I could find about my great-grandfather's siblings and their families! Although the relationship would hardly be called a "close" one, I'd be delighted to be associated with her on the credits." 

"This poorhouse was located  (according to my uncle) on Sill Lane, by a widow named Agusta (sometimes spelled "Augusta") Maynard. She began running the Town Farm after her husband, Anson Maynard died in 1896. Agusta herself died June 2, 1909. I don't know how long she ran the Town Farm."


The 1900 Census New London County, Town of Old Lyme,  Enumeration District 48367
shows on Line 67:

Maynard, Agusta, Head of Household, White Female, born April 1835, age 65, widow, 11 children, 10 living, b. Connecticut, Father born England, Mother born Connecticut, Occupation Keeper of Towns Poor.

Living with her were a daughter, Sarah, son-in-law Charles Tucker (a blacksmith), and a grandchild, erroneously reported as being a granddaughter - actually a grandson named Lawrence, age 3.

On Line 70: Fox, Sylvester, White, Male, b. Feb. 1816, age 84, Married,  64 years. b. CT, Father b. England, Mother b. CT Read, Write, Speak English  Occupation: "Boarder (Town Poor)"

On Line 71: Tucker, Oliver, White, Male, b. Feb. 1833, age 67, Widower,  b. CT, Father b. CT, Mother b. CT Read, Write, Speak English  Occupation: "Boarder (Town Poor)"

On Line 72: Sheffield, John, White, Male b. Jan. 1866, age 34, Single b. CT, Father b. CT, Mother b. Rhode Island  Unable to read or write; speaks English   Occupation: "Boarder (Town Poor)"

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