Note: We now realize that the way we have previously been reporting our site visitation statistics (see below) does not accurately represent the real situation.  We will discontinue this in future newsletters. But we wanted you to understand why we are doing this. 

(We will continue to keep the current counter on the homepage because it does have some monitoring value on a daily basis; but it will no longer be reflected in our monthly newsletter report) 

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BOTTOM LINE!  The homepage "hit-counter" has represented only 45% of the total visits to the site since the week which began this year (approximately 2 months).
NEW METHOD of Counting OLD METHOD of Counting
Counts visits which enter the site on any page (not just the homepage).

(Note: A "visit" consists of one computer entering the site until that same computer leaves the site after one continuous stay)

Basically this has been a "hit counter" which counted only hits on the homepage. This did not truly represent website usage for two reasons.
It over-represented people who may have returned several times to the homepage during the same visit. 

But it severely under-represented (or did not count at all!) visits for people who entered the site on some page other than the homepage.

Week of ... Total Visits  Total Visits % of total visits
02/25/01 to 03/03/01 3,067 (438/day)    971 (139/day) 32
02/18/01 to 02/24/01 2,671 (382/day)    830 (119/day) 31
02/11/01 to 02/17/01 3,757 (537/day) 1,349 (193/day) 36
02/04/01 to 02/10/01 2,778 (397/day)    785 (125/day) 28
01/28/01 to 02/03/01 3,793 (541/day) 1,580  (266/day) 42
01/21/01 to 01/27/01 4,766 (681/day) 1,838 (263/day) 39
01/14/01 to 01/20/01  2,198 (314/day)    516 (74/day) 23
01/07/01 to 01/13/01 3,915 (559/day) 1,681 (240/day) 43
12/31/00 to 01/06/01 2,405 (344/day)    788 (113/day) 33


To create a baseline from which to continue our statistical count we needed to -- well, uhm --
add apples and oranges! This represents 5/8/2000 thru 3/03/2001.

APPLES (Bravenet)


Hit Counter (on homepage only)
May 8, 2000 through September 30, 2000
Actually Visits to The POORHOUSE STORY
October 1, 2000 through March 3, 2001



TOTAL = 77,157  (vs. the only 40,000+ currently showing on the homepage hit counter!)

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