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SURNAME INDEX (for Washington County NY only)  from:      

History & Abstracts of Inmate Registration Certificates
From the Washington County (NY) Poorhouse 1875-1900

by Linda M. Crannell
Publishing from the Poorhouse

Note: As a public service and because of our belief that genealogy records should be made as accessible as possible to people, regardless of whether or not they can afford to purchase specific books, we are not only making this name index available ... but will also provide look-ups (as time allows) for those who wish to learn the specific information given in specific abstracts for people whom they believe may be ancestors. Photocopies of actual individual certificates are available also, for a small fee.

Complimentary copies of the book are being sent to the Washington County Historian's Office and to the Washington County Archives in Ft. Edward. (They will ship sometime during the week of September 24th - 29th 2001.)

However, we would obviously like to sell copies of the book! (This will help support the continued work of The POORHOUSE STORY website.) We believe that the book contains information which will be invaluable in helping a researcher much better understand the context of the times in which these inmates resided in the poorhouse ... and, even more important, will help in understanding the highly biased and emotional language used in comments on these certificates. So ... buy if you can; and/or encourage your local library or genealogy society to purchase a copy. Thanks! PHL                    For ordering information ...Click Here


Additional Information:

Washington County (NY) Poorhouse Certificates
have been microfilmed  for the entire period: (1875-1920)

Note: The original book containing the copies of these certificates (the originals were submitted to the State Board of Charities) is designated Poor House Records, Volume 7, and has been microfilmed beginning on Washington County Poor House Records, Roll 367 and continued on Roll 368. These microfilms are available for viewing at the Washington County Archives in Ft. Edward and we understand that copies of the films are available for purchase there.

Additionally, these certificates have been microfilmed for all counties in New York and are available through the New York State Archives. Click here for  More Information


If you wish to see a copy of an actual blank certificate just click this link ... Certificate.
(NOTE: This graphic takes quite some time to load, thank you for being patient.)

For a detailed explanation of those items of information which have been abstracted from each certificate click on this link.
If you wish to obtain a photocopy of a specific certificate click on this link.

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