SAN FRANCISCO County -- WPA Inventory -- partial list & notes from Carolyn Feroben
submitted by Carolyn Feroben    (as posted to the CASANFRA-L e-mail list)

Does any one know where these records have gone?
 Early records from the Almshouse were kept and still available in 1941- where are they now?


I have a listing of the inventory of the Laguna Honda Home records, as found in the Historical Records Survey [also known as the WPA Inventory] of SF in 1941- These records go back to 1897. They survived 06. They were located in 1941 in the Supt. Office of the Laguna Honda Home- a few were found in the City and Co Hospital.


"1766. Patient's Record, 1914--. Est 13,000 docs. n 13 f.d. Complete case histories of patients in Laguna Honda Home, showing name of patient, case number, date admitted and discharged, age , occupation, diagnosis, names of relatives, and all correspondence relating to case. Arr. alph. by names of patients. No index- in Supt. Off Laguna Honda Home."

"1767. Inmates Record 1913--. Est 31,000 card in 31 f.d. Record of inmates of Laguna Honda Home, showing name of inmate, case number, date admitted and discharged, race, birthplace, social status (!?), date admitted, religious and fraternal affiliations, and names of relatives. Aff. alph. by names of patients. No index. Found in Supt. Off. Laguna Honda Home."

"1769.Register of inmates, 1897-1907, 1914 7 vols. Register of inmates of Laguna Honda Home, showing name, nativity, and occupation of patient, case number, name of disease, and disposition of case. Arr. chron. No index 1897-1907; for index 1914-35, see entry 1770."

There are many other inventoried records for the home listed in the 1941 Inventory.

So, are these records still kept somewhere, and accessible/not accessible? ... or are they gone?

If anyone has had success, or failure, when pursuing these records can you please let me know what you have learned in this process.

Thanks, Carolyn

Note: We now have a link to another website with a drawing and newspaper clippings which provide a great historical perspective on this poorhouse  -- Laguna Hondo Almshouse (San Francisco County)  PHL
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