When 'The Baron' taught school here

By John Adams
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DOWNEY-The man who called himself "The Baron" and threatened to steal most of Arizona with a fake land grant in the 1880s once worked as a school principal in Downey.

James Addison Reavis duped railroads and gold mines, and lived like a king until his adventurous scheme was unmasked. He served as a principal at Gallatin School for two years before he sprang his mega-scheme. Later, after six years in a Santa Fe prison, he returned to Downey where he raised vegetables and lived until 1913, often in the county poorhouse.

This fascinating article ... about one of the most fascinating poorhouse residents of whom we have ever read! ... may be found at http://thepaperink.com/1996/96tt1209.htm    
(which is one of the stories from The PaperInk presents The Time Traveler As published in The Downey Eagle Downey, California, USA By John Adams at http://thepaperink.com/index.html
[Note: Downey is located in LOS ANGELES County.  PHL]

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