This is a verbatim transcription of what is on the back of the map.
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TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: There is a real mystery here! Very many of the surnames mentioned in this history are not listed on the roster.  And the style of this history is quite different from the style used in the other company histories.  We cannot account for these discrepancies.   

     CAMP CARSON.—Memories of probably the finest camp in the country in the shadow of Pike’s Peak—Lt. Sachs, Lt. Sebesta, and finally, Lt. Ilberding—Company Commanders—Keating—1st Sergeant—The Antlers, Broadmoor, Tiny Tim’s, Village Inn, Manitou, Garden of the Gods—Wonderful hikes into the surrounding mountains—The Royal Gorge—A sketching class at Cripple Creek, fabulous gold mining town—Bivouacs too close to mule pack out-fits—the mules eat our camouflage nets—At the Black forest Guffey rushes into camp—“There’s somethin’ up a tree!  “Somethin’,” is finally captured: two large porcupines—Tharpe, mess sergeant, gets the shakes on approach of Colonel Schwab, inspecting the mess—Lt. “Charles Atlas” Mathison enjoys self on a Saturdy—lifts weights, works up a sweat, takes a cold shower, drinks malted milk, attends movie, goes to bed!—“Big Kid” Mobley fishes at Lake George—Lt. Johnson supervises bridge construction there—Brickley given slightly difficult question during a training test, replies, “Sir, to what are you alluding?”—Helm enjoys a Saturday—eats hamburgers!—At camouflage area, House assumes command of battalion when reporting to Norwegian Colonel!—That memorable soccer game in 3 feet of snow in mountains—Majewski stuck in winterized tent opening—“Pooh Pooh” Pierson acquires nickname on firing range—Lt. McKeown leads battalion band.

    TENNESSEE MANEUVERS.—Boal and Cope sleep under-water at Lebanon—Hayloft reconnaissance popular during wet weather—Company divided” half with 26th and 106th Division (Blues); half with 78th CG, for two days—Familiar towns:  Nashville, Murphreesboro, Baxter, Westmoreland and OLD HICKORY!—Most terridic food of army career put out by mess sergeant Solitto aided by Chesarin, Guffey and Dauby—1st Sergeant Adams tries to analyze Captain Patterson’s fly trap arrangements—Ferguson  blows garbage dump at Lebanon—large boulder falls into Colonel Knipper’s tent!—“Tobacco Road” a reality in this vicinity—Henry,  the village half-wit, has large vocabulary consisting of word “No”!

   CAMP FORREST.—Terrific parties at Rawlings and Shelbyville—Kasper Moore, Master-of-Ceremonies, refers to Lt. Garson as “That baldheaded Lieutenant”!—Interesting to observe 17th Airborne go thru parachute training—Daily double-timing and “TC-87” really rough!—Tullahoma, nearest town, pretty horrible!

     FORT JACKSON—CAMP RUCKER—Motor convoy from Camp Forrest very enjoyable—Town of Dalton gives big party in gym—“Vicky” does interesting dance at carnival—Second night spent on Campus of University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia—Androtta leaves for O.C.S.—Lts’ Olive and Lewis join company—Week’s maneuver at Camp Rucker uneventful—POM training, and tests occupy company on return—Neergaard crawls around barefoot one Sunday due to heat paralysis or something—Melnyk feeds beer to his duck; Guffey and Kubat try to drown duck in mess-hall sink!

   BOSTON—LE HAVRE—LUCKY STRIKE—Scullay Square popular in Boston—Final inspection before sailing—Hold of “U. S. Santa Maria” not too comfortable for voyage—Bunks  “Five High” an added problem—Recordings From the “Chapwin’s office on the S. S. Santa Maria” take away monotony—Card games and other games of chance also help—Helmets carried by all for “emergencies”—Southampton Harbor interesting—Le Havre harbor in ruins—Three hour ride in open trucks at 2 A.M. freezes all concerned!—Terrific appetites at Lucky Strike—Dyll occupies chow line constantly—“Laura” finally seen at “Hogan’s Chinese”—Trips to Rouen, Fecamp (home of Benedictine), St. Valery and mine fields, Yvetot—Edelen ships up a prize stew!—Hot showers in large tents boost morale—Shortage of fuel creates heating problem.

   ST. AUBIN LE CAUF.—Company occupies German barracks on grounds of French Chateau—Fishing in stream good sport—Paulette at the local “Bar” popular—Hedges has inside track—Champagne, cognac, beer, cider and calvados in abundance—3 piece orchestra at company party a sensation!—Entire family accompany invited Madamoiselles—Refreshments served at 9 o-clock—refreshments cleaned out at 9:05!—Dieppe a colorful nearby city—St. Nicholas, also—World premier movies shown—“Rhapsody in Blue”, “Saratoga Trunk”—stories of rocket bombs, German occupation, airplane raids told us by townspeople—“One Man Army” Massey searching for more souvenirs, blows up ammo dump!

   GERMANY—GUSTORF-MUNCHEN GLADBACH.—Move German families out of homes and school—Germans deny being “Nazis”—Drawings on blackboards show education of German children directed toward war—Fraternization with frauleins a problem?—Jedinak acquires a motor-bike—Lt. Lewis and Rochte pick up a convertible Renault—Supply trips to Liege benefit all—Location near Rhine and Ruhr pocket causes blackout nightly—Melnyk acquires pigeons—Wallis visits brother in Bonn—Chesarino causes guard, Tidball, to age ten years by shouting in sleep—Certain character visits Liege and uses double protective measures—The Moore Boys hold letter-writing championship—Oklin second—Lt. Lewis with Hujber assisting, operates Engineer dump near Grevenbroich—Edelen in charge of “Good Brothers Club”—Capt. Elberding acquires beverages from Cologne wine cellar (he has a good nose for the stuff)—McLernon spends week in Paris with Lt. Hogan—Lt. “Little Kaiser” Garson promotes large bed factory in Munchen Gladbach—“Beds of Displaced Persons a Specialty”—Neergaard, Egbert and Oklin paint huge “Ernie Pyle” and “General Gerow” signs for Rhine River bridges—Nichols drives Lt. Garson 200 miles and never gets out of town! Lt. Olive hides self to write letter to “Mike” nightly—Weidler and Pickelner work around the clock on “necessary” reports!—C. B. gets beat up by Polish girl worker in Club.

   ISSELHORST.—Lost in woods near Dusseldorf—Occupy two houses and hotel—Excellent bar—Displaced personnel big help in kitchen, billets—Russian girl barber cuts hair—Local Turn Verein becomes shower-room and recreational hang-out—Martin, the Mail Clerk, most popular man in company—Censorship still a problem—Egbert, Fite, Parrish, Salata and Rowze fly to the Riviera!

   KORBACH—Visits to castle at Edar-See interesting—Chesarino wants to take D.P.’s to U. S. for help in kitchen—78th Division stadium, movie house, amphitheatre used by company—German “gin” still gets heavy play!—8 o’clock curfew—Neal and Buttress hospitalized and assigned to other unit—Several visit Paris on pass.

    SOISSONS—LUCKY STRIKE.—Soissons towns-people eager to swap or buy soap, candy, etc.—We sleep in open field—Movies at 1:30 in morning keep many awake—3rd platoon passes thru Paris enroute to Lucky Strike—German P.W.’s operate mess at Lucky Strike—All eager to get aboard ship—Massey, Krueger, Nietz first discharged—Rini, Holland , Crites, German, Welch, Kiksell, Charlie Brown and Marcum newcomers to company.

   RETURN HOME. –S. S. General Gordon, Navy transport, much more comfortable than Santa Maria—Photos by states of all boys aboard—Cigarettes at 50 cents per carton go fast—Return trip made in 7 days—Welcome at Newport News by blimp, garbage scow and two rowboats—Heat terrible—First fresh milk and ice cream in months—All get 30 day furloughs.


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