the Poorhouse Story
the Poorhouse Story

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The following was copied, scanned and word processed after optical character recognition was applied to the official government report.

Note: On the respective page for each NY county (on this POORHOUSE STORY website), we have placed the comments for that county from the abstracts in the appendix alluded to below. [Please be patient, we do not have all of them done yet!  See Washington County for an example of the information available.]

State of New~York

No. 8.

IN SENATE, JAN. 9, 1857

Of Select Committee appointed to visit Charitable Institutions supported by the State, and all city and county poor and work houses and jails.

Mr. Spencer from the select committee appointed by the Senate, under a resolution passed February 7, 185, "to visit, after the adjournment of the Legislature, all charitable institutions supported or assisted by the State, and all city and county poor and work houses and jails," and "to examine into the condition of the said establishments, their receipts and expenditures, their methods of instruction, and the government, treatment, and management of the inmates, the conduct of the trustees, directors, and other officers of the same, and all other matters whatever pertaining to their usefulness and good government,"


Since the adjournment of the Legislature, they have, for five months, with some intermissions, been engaged in the investigations required by the resolution of the Senate. They have diligently examined into the existing condition of the poor houses, work houses, hospitals, jails, orphan and lunatic asylums, and other charitable and reformatory institutions, supported or assisted by the State; and have committed to writing the evidence taken in the course of. their investigations, an abstract of which is appended to this report.

Much of the evidence is necessarily of such a character, that a publication of it, in detail, for general perusal, would not be desirable.

[Senate, No. 8]                                                          1                                         [u. n]


                                                                                   2                                      [Senate]

The abstract prepared by the committee, as an appendix to this report, is sufficient for the purpose of illustrating and sustaining the criticisms, remarks, and arguments of the committee, and of communicating such statistics and details, not otherwise contained in the report, as seem to be requisite for public information. ...